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This camouflage company has created a real ‘invisibility cloak’

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Police in Hong Kong shot a demonstrator point blank as pro-democracy protests go into their 24th consecutive week

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This Twinkie has stayed intact for 43 years 😱

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.@PeteButtigieg slammed Trump for avoiding the draft while vowing to end his transgender military ban

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Watch Billie Eilish hilariously surprise fans as they danced to her hits on 'Just Dance 2020' 😂

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‘We’ve never seen this many fires concurrently at emergency alert level.’ — This POV footage shows what firefighters see as they fight Australia’s historic wildfires

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Thornwood teachers, more than meets the eye

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An American Airlines flight slid off the runway in Chicago; no passengers or crew members were hurt. A severe Arctic blast is bringing record lows and accumulating snow across the U.S. — all of which is linked to the climate crisis

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'Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West' is serious about running for president in 2024

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These Berliners sent Trump a 2.7-ton piece of the Berlin Wall in protest of his own proposed wall at the U.S.-Mexico border

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‘I’ve been praying for this moment for over 50 years.’ — This man apologized for his great-great-grandfather, who led the troops that killed hundreds of Native Americans at Wounded Knee

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An entire generation of immigrants who came to the U.S. early in life have been able to grow up here, thanks to Obama's DACA program. This week, the Supreme Court is hearing cases that could change the fate of the nearly 1 million Dreamers (In partnership with @emcollective)

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This U.S. combat veteran was detained by ICE and deported under Trump — watch the emotional moment he became an American citizen #VeteransDay

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Meet Mr. & Mrs. Henderson — the oldest living married couple in the world 💕

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Watch all the times Trump has said someone or something is ‘like a dog’

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Meet the writer behind the most hopeful book on the climate crisis yet — ‘Drawdown’ outlines what a positive turning point would look like and what we need to do to get there

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‘He lied’ — @BernieSanders blasted Trump for breaking his promise to not cut Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security

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‘We want to put a face to the bacon.’ — Sanctuaries like Arthur’s Acres save farm animals from horrific cruelty, and artist @IsaLeshko is showing their love to the world

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