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TheOffice >>> Friends & TheBigBangTheory

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Quote tweet this with your controversial TV show hot take

#TheWalkingDead should be taken to the backyard & shot right between the eyes

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The shipwreck is still visible on Google maps, can see the wreckage, dead af, but today when I zoomed in on it there came something weird as hell. It shows “sentinel beach bar” or something in chinese or whatever, ig some idiot wanted to have fun with maps.

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In 2006, a boat carrying 2fisherman drifted ashore, got killed & buried on island, same happened with John Chau, who even after being chased away twice, went ahead the 3rd time, met the same fate as others. Signalling that they don’t want any contact. They should be left ALONE

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govt stopped these missions & banned any outisde contact with tribe to save them from communicating disease they’re not immune to. Fast forward to 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, navy helicopters flew over to check on them, was met with bows & arrows..

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till then they used to make weapons from metal being washed ashore but now thanks to the huge shipwreck, the Sentinelese had better spears, bows & arrows. Barring few friendly encounters with TNPandit & team, almost all visitors to the island were killed & buried by the tribe..

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subsequently indian anthropology teams kept trying to establish friendly contact with the tribe, most were met with hostile response barring one such meet where TN Pandit & team met & gifted fruits & stuff to them. Till Primerose incident, tribals never had metal weapons..

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finally, after several attempts the indians rescued the crew safely, using their helicopters, all this going on while the Sentinelese still keeping an eye on them. Story doesn’t end here..the Primerose was stuck nearby the island, forever, still far from the tribe’s reach...

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thanks to the wild sea conditions, the arrows blew off mark & kept their lil canoes at bay. As news spread, Indian rescue team started their efforts but had to postpone owing to the weather, the crew & tribals were at eachother...

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seeing this the captain sends a panicked cable to the company back in HongKong, it reads “Wild men, estimate more than 50, carrying various homemade weapons are making two or three wooden boats, Worrying they will board us at sunset. All crew members’ lives not guaranteed”

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captain waiting for the help to arrive as ship was stuck in the reef. next day a crew member on lookout, notices the tribal inhabitants making their way out from the jungal towards the beach.
Things start to get tense, as the tribals, naked & waving spears & arrows towards vessel

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...island, gets caught in a storm in Bay of Bengal & gets lodged on a coral reef nearby the island. Ship was carrying 31 crew members. Next morning when shit settled they find out where they’re stuck, still unaware of the people they’re gonna run into.

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Not gonna talk about the tribe as much though, much has been published already. Someone who doesn’t know it yet, should look it up.

So let’s talk about Primerose.
August 2, 1981, the ship sets off for AUS from Bangladesh, cargo carrying chicken feed reaches near north sentinel..

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PRIMEROSE - NorthSentinel Island
A thread

have always been fascinated by islands & this one in particular is as mysterious as it can get. An island in the Andaman & Nicobar archipelago, home to probably the last remaining uncontacted tribe-the Sentinelese

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Where we’re going
3:48 to 7:40
unreal, intense, orgasmic stuff this

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Interstellar soundtracks
gets me right in the feels
mr zimmer can rip my intestines out while playing this and I won’t even blink

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ive a phone interview scheduled at 12, idk why but this text just made me more anxious

it went well

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don’t you need someday
to keep you up all night

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Heavenly view ❤️

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